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Mentors can be of great benefit throughout a person’s professional life. They are encouraged and — through most Chapters — offered to APR candidates. If not, candidates are encouraged to seek an existing APR to provide guidance and feedback.

APR mentors often have the greatest impact in Panel Presentation preparation. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Ask – Why is the candidate pursuing APR? Is it the right time in their career?
  • Share – Why did you pursue APR? What has it meant?
  • Listen – What is the candidate planning to present in their Panel Presentation?
  • Provide insight – How might the candidate score?
  • Educate – What was the best course of study and prep for you?
  • Support – Sometimes candidate start, hit a road block and stop; check in.



The APR mindset pervades much of what I do — advising as a business mentor rather than “just” a PR person, tightened discipline in my communications planning and much stronger focus on results rather than activities. The guidance, approach and techniques reinforced throughout the APR process have guided my work to a higher plane, given me added influence and confidence, and helped me advance our profession’s abilities.  These APR benefits have been very important to my career.

Ken Hunter, APR
President and Lead Strategist
The PowerStation Communications
Hillsborough, New Jersey