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Certificate in Principles of Public Relations


Setting yourself apart from dozens or — in some cases — hundreds of other job candidates is a challenge. Fierce competition necessitates you demonstrate a superior knowledge of universal public relations principles.

As you approach graduation, adding the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations to your resume is the leg up you need to secure the position you want. The process, which can be summarized in the four steps below, complements coursework and can be used to finish your college career on top.

The Certificate program is offered at select colleges and universities, and is expanding. The participating colleges and universities include: 

  • Appalachian State University
  • Baylor University
  • Belmont University
  • Drake University
  • Florida State University
  • Lee University
  • Monmouth University
  • New Jersey City University
  • Roger Williams University
  • San Diego State University
  • Seton Hall University
  • Texas State University
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of Colorado at Denver
  • University of Miami
  • University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

School faculty advisers can request participation in the program by contacting Kathy Mulvihill at Accred@praccreditation.org.

Earning the Certificate in Four Steps

It is important to review resources available for all four steps, starting with the Certificate FAQ, before beginning the process.

  1. Review and complete The Certificate in Principles of Public Relations Application.
  2. Attend a certificate preparatory course.
  3. Study for and complete the computer-based examination.
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning through Accreditation.



I’ve spent most of my career as an Accredited professional. In the 28 years since earning my APR, my career has covered both public and private organizations where being an Accredited professional gained me prominence as a leader. My advice was accepted and my experience appreciated by key leaders in organizations across the country. I am so glad that I earned my APR early in my career.

Judy Parker, APR, Fellow PRSA
Communications and Partnerships
Griffin-Spaulding County School System
Griffin, Georgia