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Cutting-edge Industry Knowledge and Effective Practices.
Preparation for the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) is a distinctive opportunity for busy mid-career public relations professionals to refine their skills and delve into their field’s front-line knowledge and effective practices beyond everyday tasks. APR preparation ensures you have the tools to properly navigate challenging responsibilities, the vision to execute a larger strategy, and the expertise to be a thought-leader. This exposure to industry-wide standards and trends will assist you in moving forward confidently and competently in the demanding and dynamic public relations and communications fields.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses.
Self-assessment activities—as well as the formal assessment itself—inevitably communicate strengths, limitations, and requirements to the individual. The APR process and credential provide a clear report on skills, arming professionals with valuable personalized information to apply toward advancing their present role and future career. Where extra support is needed, the candidate is introduced to a tremendously skilled and experienced network of mentors, providing a lifetime of guidance and expertise.

With so thorough a process, the APR credential is both a professional and personal achievement—a revelation of drive, capabilities, and dedication. Receiving this Universal Accreditation Board (UAB)-administered recognition demonstrates your proficiency and alignment with the cutting-edge PR practices and knowledge that will take you to the next level in your career.

Progress Toward a Master's Degree
In recognition of the rigorous process APRs go through to earn their Accreditation, APRs can receive advanced standing credit toward a Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication. APRs are able to complete the Master’s in 12 courses rather than 15, with a corresponding 20% savings in tuition. This Master’s is available both online and in Boston, making it easy for APRs anywhere to take advantage. Special bonus: earning an advanced degree qualifies you for automatic reaccreditation during that three-year maintenance cycle. Learn more from Northeastern University.

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My best testimonial comes from a 2004 job interview. The hiring manager knew the value of APR and called me for an initial interview based on not only the strength of my resume, but because I had my APR. While I wasn’t ultimately hired, she said if it was up to her, I would’ve been.

Ann McMillin, APR
Public Relations Manager
University of Nevada School of Medicine
Reno, Nevada


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