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The Value to Employers

Learn why professionals who have earned the APR offer tremendous value to agencies, companies and associations in the market for new staff.

Guidelines for Using your APR

Members who successfully Advance Readiness Review and pass the computer-based Examination may use APR or Accredited in Public Relations with their names. Accredited/Accreditation is always capitalized.

Accreditation can only be used as identification for an individual. Organizations cannot be Accredited or referred to as Accredited in any publication.

Organizations who list in the phone directory's yellow pages may list the names of individuals on their staff who are Accredited. The individual staff member's name may appear with the Accreditation designation. However, the organization cannot list itself as Accredited.

Members who are Accredited may indicate their Accredited status on business cards, letterhead, news releases, biographical sketches and other printed materials.  APR logos for print can be downloaded here.
Members who are Accredited may use designation of their Accredited status on resumes, in job interviews and in client presentations. However, Members who are Accredited cannot imply the lack of Accreditation in any way affects a competing professional's competence.

If a Member who is Accredited voluntarily resigns membership, he/she cannot use the Accreditation identification. If a member who has voluntarily resigned membership chooses to reinstate his/her membership in any Participating Organization, Accreditation status is automatically reinstated.

If a Member who is Accredited has his/her membership suspended, Accredited status is also suspended. If a member who is Accredited is sanctioned by a government agency or convicted in a court of law of an action that is in violation of the PRSA Code of Ethics, they may be barred from membership or expelled from the Society. If so barred or expelled, Accreditation is automatically revoked.

An individual can have Accreditation revoked for improper use of Accreditation per these usage guidelines.

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Guidelines for using your APR

Maintenance of Accreditation Program

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"Accreditation assures that a certain standard of quality is met.  In a profession where licensure is not required and many people practice public relations without knowing key competencies and appropriate ethical guidelines for decision-making, earning the APR credential communicates that you have the requisite knowledge for principled public relations expertise and proficiency. This mark of excellence demonstrates to employers that you truly know what it means to be a high-performing, effective, and ethical public relations professional.  The most enjoyable part of the study for me was learning more about the rich history and evolution of the public relations profession.  I also appreciate the fact that the maintenance requirements encourage self-improvement through continuous learning. "

— Holly K. Hall, APR
 Assistant Professor, Journalism Dept.
Arkansas State University

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