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Maintenance of Accreditation
Everything you need to maintain your Accreditation.

In addition to continued membership in a participating organization, Accredited members are required to fulfill maintenance of Accreditation requirements. Every three years, PRSA members Accredited after January 1, 1993 and participating organization members Accredited after January 1, 1998, must accumulate the required number of points in continuing education and professional development, professionalism or service categories as part of the Maintenance of Accreditation program. This further strengthens the value of the APR credential and keeps professionals actively involved in the currents of the public relations profession.

If you have performed an activity that is not listed on the maintenance application, please do not hesitate to contact UAB HQ to find out where it belongs.

Through formal surveys and informal conversations, the message that APRs consistently send to the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) is “make my credential more valuable and meaningful.”  Every time the UAB undertakes a new activity or makes a change, the question is asked: will the APR credential be worth more to those who have earned it? 

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Maintenance Application

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Maintenance Addendum - Awards


"It means that I actually understand and can apply the underlying principles that are important to building successful public relations programs – I’m not shooting from the hip or making it up as I go along."

- Matt Kucharski, APR
Executive Vice President
Padilla CRT

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