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Candidate's Process Chart for the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations

  1. Apply for Eligibility and Plan
    1. Initiate process whenever you want
    2. Submit eligibility form and payment to UAB
    3. Receive notification of eligibility from UAB within 4 weeks.
    4. Plan how you will proceed. Remember that you have one year from the date you receive UAB authorization to participate and Advance Readiness Review and complete the computer-based Examination.
    5. Access Preparation Resources, e.g., Online Study Course ($195), Candidate's Instructions for Readiness Review, Short Bookshelf, local prep courses, mentoring programs, etc.
  2. Use Coaching, Mentoring, Support Services
    1. Request coaching, mentoring or other support services through your local APR Chair as desired.
    2. Refresh your knowledge, skills and abilities by reviewing the general text of your choice and one or more of the specialized books from the Short Bookshelf
    3. Use the body of knowledge and preparation resources to fill gaps in your knowledge, skills and abilities, e.g., areas where your experience is limited
  3. Complete Readiness Review Questionnaire
    1. Download Readiness Review Questionnaire
    2. Select a public relations plan you have written that reflects your experience and complete the Questionnaire at your own discretion
    3. Submit 4 copies of the questionnaire to local APR Chair a minimum of 15 business days before your scheduled Review date
  4. Participate in Readiness Review
    1. Present your portfolio and respond to interview questions, allowing one-to-two hours for your session
    2. Panelists score your knowledge, skills and abilities in 16 areas and consider your readiness to proceed
    3. Panelists help you identify gaps in your preparedness for the computer-based examination
    4. UAB notifies you to advance/not advance to the computer-based Examination
    5. If Advanced, receive your candidate ID# to use to schedule the computer-based Examination
    6. If not Advanced, you can repeat Readiness Review after 90 days. You can appeal the result to the UAB after two re-takes of Readiness Review.
  5. Scheduled Your Computer-Based Examination
    1. Schedule computer-based Examination at a Prometric testing center using your candidate ID# via Prometric's Web site at www.prometric.com or telephone 800-274-1900.
    2. Remember that Prometric experiences peak demand June - August and October - December. During these times, Prometric recommends that you schedule your appointment at least 30 days in advance of your preferred date
  6. Take the Computer-Based Examination
    1. Use as much of the time available as you want to complete the Examination
    2. Receive immediate but unofficial pass/did not pass feedback, in addition to your strengths and weaknesses in tested knowledge, skills and abilities
    3. Receive official pass or fail notice from UAB within 3-4 weeks
    4. If you passed, the Universal Accreditation Board will grant Accreditation
    5. Receive notice from your APR Chair of presentation and/or celebration event, depending on local organization
    6. If a retake is necessary, submit payment and request a new candidate ID# from UAB. Repeat steps #2, #5 and #6

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Candidate's Process Chart for the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations

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"The process established by the UAB to become Accredited in PR has proven to be a necessary part of maturation and development in my career.  The testing process assists the applicable PR candidate in crystallizing their professional goals while earning a respect for the field - past and present.  Additionally, it solidifies one's commitment to our profession's future."

William (Trey) Campbell, III, APR

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