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APR: Accredited in Public Relations

As the world around us changes, the enduring principles of public relations continue to increase in importance. They consistently sculpt our decision making and counsel to peers and leaders of organizations.

Accreditation sets standards of practice, legitimizes our profession and builds accountability by identifying those who have demonstrated broad business and communications knowledge, strategic perspective and sound professional judgment in the field.

Accredited in Public Relations (APR) also demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning and serves as a source of great personal pride for public relations practitioners, including those recently granted Accreditation.

Explore this website, read the APR testimonials, talk to Accredited members of your organization or Chapter and then begin your journey to Accreditation in four steps.

Accreditation in Four Steps

The Accreditation process can be summarized in four steps. It is important to review resources available for all four steps, starting with the process chart, before pursuing APR.

  1. Review and complete the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations Application.
  2. Prepare and sit for a Readiness Review.
  3. Study for and complete the computer-based examination.
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning through maintenance.



For me, the APR process confirmed my knowledge, skills and abilities in public relations, and it has helped ensure that all plans I create are anchored in measureable objectives, strategies and tactics.

Andrea Farmer, APR
Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives
Indianapolis, Indiana