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The Universal Accreditation Board is comprised of a diverse range of public relations professionals representing every segment of the profession – from the agency business to the education side to non-profit/association arena.  They work in markets big and small.  Their backgrounds and are testimony to vital role public relations plays in modern society today.  Collectively, they are dedicated to the Accreditation in Public Relations program.  

Here are a few short video profiles of the people behind the APR. The videos were taken in April 2011.
Edward Bury, APR
Adam S. Bashaw, APR+M
Tina Clark, APR
Debra DeCourcy, APR
John E. Forde, APR, Fellow PRSA
Ann Peru Knabe, APR+M
Melissa LaBorde, APR
Rose McKinney, APR
Elizabeth McMillan, APR
Jay D. Rayburn, APR, CPRC, Fellow PRSA
Carlos Rivera-Cuesta, APR
Sean B. Robertson, APR+M
Bey-Ling Sha, APR
Janet Swiecichowski, APR
Frances Ward-Johnson, APR

Research on Public Relations Profession
From the Public Relations Practice Analysis survey data, it has become clear that the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) credential remains valuable to those practitioners who earn it; to the agencies, clients and organizations they represent; and, perhaps most importantly, to the profession itself.

The following peer-reviewed articles were published in PR Review.

2010 Practice Analysis: Professional competencies and work categories in public relations today

Accredited vs. non-Accredited: The polarization of practitioners in the public relations profession

Does Accreditation matter in public relations practice? How age and experience compare to Accreditation.

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"I've always felt I didn't have a true background in public relations. I came up through Journalism, then went over to "the dark side," as we always called it back then. I learned from others but always felt I wasn't "legitimate." After more than 20 years as a practitioner, I joined a group studying for the APR process. I was the last of my group to take the examination on the last afternoon of the last day I could. What a relief and what a sense of accomplishment I felt when I saw the computer screen that said "passed." I received my pin recently at a PRSA meeting. A little pin on my lapel and it just meant so much. Anyone thinking about doing this should do it!

Jeanie A. Esajian, MA, APR
Deputy Director, Legislation/External Affairs
Managed Risk Medial Insurance Board
Sacramento, Calif.

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