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Readiness Review Panelists

Resources and instructions for candidates and Readiness Review panelists.

The good, the bad, and the downright ugly! 
Watch this short video of a staged Readiness Review Panel for a sense of how it should – and should NOT – work.  The Readiness Review aspect of the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations is the point-of-entry for Accreditation candidates, setting the tone for the process and helping ensure they are sufficiently experienced and as fully prepared as possible for the Examination.  For APR Panelists and APR Candidates, this video will give you a sense of what to expect.  (Recorded at the PRSA International Conference, San Diego 2009.)

"The value of Accreditation is that, at minimum, it lets others know that you possess the skills required to be an effective practitioner and that you have a working knowledge and understanding of the profession and its development that sets you apart from others. To a prospective employer, Accreditation signals your seriousness about the profession and that you possess a certain level of competency and preparedness."

— Ted Richardson, APR Vice President, Corporate Relations United Insurance Co. of America


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Readiness Review Candidate Questionnaire

Readiness Review Instructions for Candidates

Panelists Instructions for Readiness Review

Readiness Review Score Forms
(includes: First Vote Form, Second Vote Form and Summary of Candidate Performance)


"One of the biggest obstacles cited when I'm recruiting colleagues to consider pursuing Accreditation is a lack of time. I usually recount the months prior to my own examination experience as I prepared. "Crunch time" for me was the last trimester of my wife's pregnancy -- our third. I spent the six weeks prior to and four days after her delivery with textbooks in hand. I even had a little time at the hospital to study. The point I usually make is that, if you're focused on bettering yourself professionally, there's always time...a few minutes before work, during lunch or with colleagues over an after-work drink. The investment of an hour here and there will be a career of returns."

- Michael J. Tullier, APR
Director of External Relations
Auburn University, College of Education

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