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Accreditation Linked to Higher Salaries

Research shows accredited public relations practitioners earn more

NEW YORK, NY (June 22, 2005) - Results from the 2005 PRWeek/Korn Ferry Salary Survey, show Accredited public relations professionals earn salaries 20 percent higher than their non-Accredited colleagues. On average, these Accredited public relations professionals earn $102,031 compared to $85,272 for non-Accredited practitioners.

"Accreditation is important because it demonstrates that public relations professionals have a vested interest in and commitment to the public relations field. Employers, clients and colleagues realize they have the knowledge, ethics and experience that sets them apart from others who are non-Accredited, which offers a significant point of differentiation and added value," said Blake D. Lewis III, APR, 2005 chair of the Universal Accreditation Board.

The survey, conducted by PRWeek and Millward Brown, was open to all PRWeek readers through the publication's Web site. From Jan. 18-31, 2005, a total of 1,864 readers completed the survey. Results were not weighted and have a +/- 2.3 percent margin of error.

For more information on the Universal Accreditation Board or to become an Accredited public relations practitioner, contact Kathy Mulvihill at 212-460-1436 or visit www.praccreditation.org.

The Universal Accreditation Board, which was created in 1998, is a consortium of ten professional communications organizations including the Agricultural Relations Council, Asociación de Relacionistas Profesionales de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Public Relations Association), Florida Public Relations Council, Maine Public Relations Council, National School Public Relations Association, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Religion Communicators Council, Southern Public Relations Federation and the Texas Public Relations Association. Each organization contributes resources and senior-level volunteer members who represent all segments of the public relations profession. The UAB oversees the public relations profession's professional certification program. The revised Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations was launched in July 2003.

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For more information about the Universal Accreditation Board, contact Kathy Mulvihill at (212) 460-1436 or www.praccreditation.org.

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