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Maintenance of Accreditation Application (PDF and Word versions)
Invite-a-Peer  (tool to invite others to become Accredited)
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"I often advise my staff,  colleagues  and others to carry out a “textbook” PR plan, because evidence shows that method works. Well, I couldn’t suggest a textbook plan if I hadn’t read the “textbook,” and I wouldn’t have read the book without prepping for Accreditation. My degrees were in other fields, so my year of preparation was literally an independent study in public relations. I learned more in that year concerning history, theory, measurement, and application than in the decade leading up to it.  That’s what Accreditation did for me: made me a much more competent and informed practitioner."

Glen A. Duncan, APR
Director of Communications
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Baton Rouge, La.

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